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Bei zahlreichen unserer Kunden ist eine Nachfrage nach elektronischen Touch Devices, oder auch Displays  mit transparenten Information zur aktuellen Raumbelegung gefragt. ROOM MANAGER führt deshalb ein neues Produkt unter dem Namen Device Device, Touch Screen, Display für unsere Room Manager Solution ein.

Auf den mobilen Plattform Android und iOS bietet das Touch Device, Panel, Display des ROOM MANAGERS Buchungsinformationen zum jeweiligen Raum und zur jeweiligen Sitzung an. Standard Android Tablets als auch Apple iOS Devices wie zum Beispiel das iPad können damit als “Screens” eingesetzt warden. Die Geräte verbinden sich dann über Wifi auf die Room Mangager Website und bieteten die gesamte Funktionalität zum Buchen und Reservieren  von Meetings an.

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The Room Manager display simply consists of an Android or iOS ″ touch-sensitive screen, display, touch panel, device that is placed on the wall outside of the meeting room. The system is connected to Room Manager Website. No additional software is required. All important information is displayed on the screen: the same way it is on the Room Manager Web Site current time, room name, starting time and finishing time of the meeting in progress and how long the meeting will continue, as well who is the organizer of the meeting. Additional Information can be added, optionally. The touch-sensitive screen displays an overview of the booking status and enables you to book the room, confirm a booking, cancel a booking or extend a meeting in progress. Any Device can be used. The Room Manager Site is in responsive design and fits automatically to the device settings.

  • Efficient meeting management in combination with Room Manager for SharePoint
  • Touch-screens located outside the meeting rooms
  • Efficient meeting room management
  • Show the current meetings going on
  • Day, Week and Month View
  • Extend the current meeting
  • Cancel the meeting
  • Report a problem connected to technical equipment in the meeting room.
  • Give Feedback after the meeting
  • Book an instant meeting directly on the touch screen
  • Book Equipment
  • Book Catering
  • Book Parking

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