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Meeting Room Scheduling Solutions and Requirmenets

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Meeting Room Categories

Room Location Room Availability Room Capacity Permanent Room Equipment Administorator ability to add new/modify rooms & equipments “Away” office booking Equipment setup per location Multi-room booking External Video conferences Tiered permission levels Holiday scheduling Outlook plug-in Set-up time Phone number Public meeting topic Permanent equipment activation Adding seats Meeting organizer information Modify reservations Floating equipment/resources Recurring meetings Recurring meeting with reservation conflicts Catering location information Delegating rights – meeting organizer “Home” office booking Consolidated view of all meetings Room capability information Room configuration information Equipment filtering Time filtering Max capacity Floor filtering Room capacity filtering Reservation override Meeting topic filtering Office hoteling Map of the meeting room location Prevention of errors Notification of change(s) Change attribution Mobile access


” ​A user’s home office is in Sydney but they are traveling to Boston and would like to book a room in the Boston office” The ability to search for/setup/request unique equipment setups at each location when conference rooms in two or more locations are booked for the same meeting.  Tech Support needs automated notification so they can provide setup support.​​ ” ​A user wants to book several rooms for a cross-office conference.  They would like to book in their home office and see available rooms in Arlington that can accommodate 8 people in Beijing and Boston.​” A user wants to book a video conference (VC) with an external client/participant.  Tech Support needs to verify the VC compatibility with the external participant’s VC system.  (*The current process requires the users to provide the external site POC info to Tech Support so they can work directly with that POC to get their connection information and test before the meeting.)​ ” ​i.e. 1 administrator, 2 regular users​” ” H​holiday schedule for the different office locations (*lets users know when Tech Support will not be available for support)”

” A​ user wants to book a video conference room and needs a 15 minute buffer before the meeting in order to allow for equipment setup.  He/She needs to prevent people from booking a meeting during that setup time;  Set up of catering requires 15-30 minutes prep time; Office Services staff needs a 15 minute buffer to modify room configuration/add chairs.​​”

” A​ user is calling into a conference room for a meeting and wants to quickly look up the polycom/telephone number.”

” A​ consultant wants to attend a manager meeting but is not aware of what room the manager will be in.  These meetings are open to any employee bt meeting invitations are typically not sent out to the entire firm.​  How will they search the room?”

” A​ user schedules a regular meeting in a video conference room because all other rooms are already booked  yet they only plan to use a projector.  How will Tech Support be notified of which piece of equipment will need to be set up?​​”

” A​ user wants to add 10 seats to a room in order to accommodate all attendees.  (Should be sourced to the Office Services staff in each office)​”

” A​n Admin is looking to book a room on behalf of his/her consultant but all of the available rooms that meets the meeting requirements are booked.  The assistant would like to ask a person to move rooms.  How will he/she know who to contact?​”

” A​ user wants to book a meeting but is not sure what equipment they will need yet.  They would like to book the meeting now in order to reserve the attendees time and come back to the meeting details later to request equipment.​​”

” A​ user needs to request a laptop for their meeting.  This laptop is not currently a part of the room.  (Should be sourced to Tech Support)”

” A​ user wants to book a recurring meeting and room for every Tuesday and Thursday”

” A​ user wants to create a recurring meeting for every Monday in room 1200.  The room is already booked for on a Monday 3 weeks from now.  How will the organizer work around this one occurrence without having to change the entire series​?”

” F​ront desk needs to know what rooms ordered catering​” ” A​n Admin is booking a room on behalf of a consultant.  The Admin wants to list the consultant as the meeting organizer to prevent confusion.​”

” A​ user’s home office is in Sydney and they only want to view conference rooms in the Sydney office so they are not overwhelmed​.”

” A​ receptionist is preparing for the day and would like to view all meetings so he/she can adjust his/her schedule accordingly or ask questions to meeting owners before the meetings begin​.​”

” A​ user in the Singapore office is looking to book a large room in the Arlington office that can seat 60 attendees.  The arlington office deos not have a room that can fit 60 attendees but has two adjacent rooms that have wall dividers and together can seat all 60 attendees.  How will this user know that the rooms can be combined?”

” A​ client has requested a U-shaped configuration for their meeting.  A user would like to know if the room is already configured this way or can be adjusted accordingly.”

” A user is looking to book a video conference room.  They would like to narrow their search and availability only to rooms with video conferencing capability.”

” A​ user wants to book a room from 9~10 am and would like to narrow their search to look for rooms available only during that window of time.”

” A​ user is looking to book a room that can hold 25 attendees.  The largest room available lists 15 seats as the capacity.  The user knows they can add additional seats to the room but is not sure if 15 attendees will comfortably fit in the room.​”

” A​n Admin books all manager meetings on the 11th floor.  They would like to look for room availability only on the 11th floor.​”

” A​ user is looking to book a room that can hold 25 attendees.  They would like to look for room availability only with rooms that can hold that many attendees.”

” A​n Admin created a meeting reservation for a consultant.  There is an issue with the room reservation on the day of the meeting and a room change is needed but the Admin ​is out of the office.  How will the consultant change the room reseravation and alert the attendees?”

” A​ consultant wants to attend a manager meeting but is not aware of what room the manager will be in.  They want to narrow their search and look for the manager’s name.”

” S​everal Boston staff members are visiting the Sydney office and the Office Services manager needs to make sure that they all have desks to work from.  The Office Services manager also needs to keep track of the staff members in case someone needs to reach them.​”

” A​ staff is visiting another office and needs to attend a meeting.  They are not aware of the specific location within the office.​  [Can you display multiple images (i.e. pictures of the room and the floor map)]”

” A​ user requests that 56 chairs be added to a room.  Office Services staff suspects that this was a mistake and follows up with the meeting organizer to verify the request.​”

” A​n Admin cancels a meeting but forgets to notify the meeting owner/attendees.”

” A​ system administrator deletes a meeting room reservation.  This causes an issue with the reservations overall.  IT is troubshooting the issue and wants to see who made the change and when.”

A​n Admin travels from the 10th floor to the 13th floor to set up equipment for a manager meeting.  Another staff member is occupying the room that is reserved and the Admin needs to quickly identify another open room on the same floor.  The Admin does not have time to travel back to his/her desk to access a list of available conference rooms.  The Admin does have his/her phone.



Susanne about room management solutions and software
Susanne about meeting room management solutions and software
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