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Eine einfache Art Events in SharePoint zu organisieren




Unsere SharePoint Event Management Lösung (Teil des ROOM MANAGER) hilft Ihnen, Veranstaltungen schnell und professionell zu planen. Von Abteilungssitzungen über Firmenfeiern bis hin zu großen Konferenzen, Workshops und Trainings – mit dieser Lösung wird die Veranstaltungsplanung zu einem Vergnügen für alle.

Our SharePoint Event Management solution (part of the ROOM MANAGER) helps you to plan events quickly and professionally. From department meetings to company celebrations or even big conferences and Workshops and Training sessions – with this solution, event planning becomes a pleasure for everyone.

  • Veranstaltungsplanung wie Workshops und Seminare und Schulungen. Unser Event-Management-System unterstützt Sie bei der Organisation von Veranstaltungen verschiedener Art,  Tagungen oder Workshops. Ereignisse können mit wenigen einfachen Schritten in kürzester Zeit eingeplant werden
  • Einladungen und Anmeldungen: Teilnehmer können sich mit nur einem Klick online anmelden. Als Veranstalter können Sie auch Einladungen per E-Mail versenden. Wenn Einladungen die Besprechungsanfrage akzeptieren, werden sie automatisch registriert
  • Teilnehmerliste anzeigen: Die Vorlage hält alle Teilnehmer an einem Ort auf dem Laufenden und macht sie leicht zugänglich. Alle Informationen sind übersichtlich angeordnet und Sie können die Teilnehmerliste jederzeit überprüfen.

Available for SharePoint 2013 and Office 365


  • Event planning like Workshops and Seminars and Training Sessions Our event management system helps you to organize events of various kinds, e.g. meetings or workshops. Events can be scheduled in next to no time with a few simple steps
  • Invitations and registrations Participants can register online with just one click. As a organizer you can also send out invitations by e-mail. If invitees accept the meeting request, they are automatically registered
  • View attendees lists The template keeps track of all attendees in one place and makes it easily accessible. All info is clearly arranged and you can check the attendees list at any time.


Event_Management_Booking_FormEvent planning made easy Create and publish all kind of events. You can keep track of everything in the event calendar. When creating a new event you can specify information such as the title, time, location, topic etc. It is possible to either schedule regular one-time events or also recurring events


Number of seats & deadlines Add extra information about events. For example if the number of seats is restricted, you can limit the number of registrations or set deadlines for enrollments.


Invite people and employees to events, workshops, and training sessions As the organizer of the event you might wish to invite one or more attendees directly, this is no problem. The attendees will receive a meeting request by e-mail and can confirm or decline their participation.  If they accept the invitation they will instantly be added to the attendees list of the event. Of course it is also possible to invite guests outside your company. With the Visitor Manager Module you can even reserve the parking space and print out a batch for the visitor or guest. See Visitor Management Module of Room Manager.


Always up to date Do you need to postpone or even cancel an event? No problem, our template will automatically notify all members of the attendees list of any changes by e-mail.

Manage your attendees The list of attendees offers a detailed overview of all registrations, participations and cancellations to the event. The current status of the attendees can be displayed at any time via the interface. Easily export to an Excel file with one single click.


Waiting list for fully booked events Whenever the maximum number of participants is reached, the registration is closed. However, if you wish, you can allow users to put themselves on a waiting list. Pluplish the Event like any Event by selecting the Workshop, Course,

Quick Tour

The organizer of the Workshop, Event, Training Session publishes the Event EventManagementSelectEvent

Enrollment Deadline and Total available seats are added. All available Workshops, Events, Trainings, Labs are easily administered in the Events list as a resource,

Next the organizer of the Event jumps to the “Trainer Tab”

Under the Trainer Tab all available “Trainers” are listed for the given site, Location, date and time. The organizer can use the powerful Metadata /Tags to find the right Person with the right skills.

Trainers The organizer can select the Trainer, and Close the booking of the Event.

Rooms, Equipment’s, Catering Services for this Event are the same way booked like the Workshop and the Trainer. External Guest can be invited to the Event as well.


They will get a nicely formatted email with all the Details to the Location and to the Event itself.

VisitorInvitation (1)


It was never easier to Setup and Event with enrollment date and available seats. as soon as an end user Registers, the available seats are deducted automatically.


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