Desk Management with Floorplans

Flexible work programs have been a hot topic for quite a few years now. Companies currently offer their employees flexible work arrangements, with these attractive programs offering employees a greater scope for work-life balance and employers a number of cost-saving opportunities.

Workspace booking to help manage the return to the office after COVID-19 and maintain safety and flexibility for employees is another topic many companies face today.

One such flexible work program that offers employees greater freedom in their day-to-day working environment is the concept known as ‘desk sharing’ and Desk Management with Floorplans.

Desk Sharing and Management

Manage all your workspaces in an easy SharePoint List

Manage all your workspaces in an easy SharePoint List. Add keywords like attributes to each workspace or desk. This can be used by the user to filter by the keywords to find easily the right workspace

Verwalten der Arbeitsplätze

Interactive Floorplans

Upload your floorplans and make it available for bookings of free space, meeting rooms and workspaces.

Office Plan Interactive SharePoint
Room Manager PowerApps

PowerApps to find and book a workspace

PowerApps solutions are available for the end-user in your company to connect and use through their mobile devices and tablets. All they have to do is download Microsoft PowerApps from iTunes or Google Play. Once the PowerApps is installed, the user can connect to the available workspaces in Room Manager.

See how Room Manager can help you

Desk Management Flow A-Z

How many desks are available right now?

Welcome employees back to work as safely and efficiently as possible.

Dashboard Desk Workspace Management
Sample Dashboard Desk Management