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Desk Management Booking System

More than a meeting room booking system

Room Manager incorporates visitor, catering, equipment management & workplace booking software for a more efficient office. Try Room Manager for Office 365.

You can manage any resources like Desks, Meeting Rooms, Cars, Equipment, Catering, Visitors, Parking, and Workspaces.

Outlook Add-In enables the reservation of the resources through Microsoft Outlook. Mobile Apps are made with MS PowerApp Technology.

Meeting room scheduling is used to find and book free space for single- or recurrent meetings and events through sites and locations.

ROOM MANAGER is all about scheduling space and managing online bookings in a visual way. ROOM MANAGER offers unique scheduling features for spaces such as booking conditions by time, day, site, and location. Designed to help venues and communities manage their space!

Smart technology enables effective management and planning of company meetings, makes company processes simpler and helps to use company space in a better way.


Room Manager is a web-based meeting room booking software solution that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different site, Location, or even time zone. Room Manager effectively does away with the possibility of double-booked rooms thanks to its efficient and advanced booking engine which checks for a given date and time if the resource like a Meeting room is free. With access by permission, your workforce can easily see what is available, where and when, and book single or multiple rooms on the fly. Room Booking was never made easier. Room Manager as well includes tab-based categories for any kind of resource you want to manage like cars, equipment, catering, workspaces, parking fields. You can invite attendees or send Outlook Meeting requests to the attendees. Approval Workflows can be easily configured to send the request to an approver, or manager.

Visitor Registration App

Visitor Registration App is an innovative tablet-based visitor management software and check-in platform that does much more than a sign-in book at your reception area.

Visitor Registration App

Rooms List Modern Experience

Rooms List modern

Office Chaos

is killing productivity
Time wasted of employees spend up to 30 min looking for spaces
Productivity lost due to noise
Space wasted, meeting room capacity lost
Room Manager Visitor Registration Power Apps

Visitor Management

When a meeting organizer pre-registers his/her visitor, an automatic invitation email is sent to the visitor with the details of the meeting and the Google map and the parking space reserved. Very professional and time-efficient.

Some features you should consider

·       Wow guests with modern sign-in

·       An Easy check out with a barcode

·       Create a welcoming experience for every visitor

·       Free up your team to connect with each guest

·       Show off your custom logo and colors

·       Capture guest photos

·       Visitor Dashboard

·       Legal Documents

·       NDA Signing

·       Visitor Badges

·       Notifications: Automatically notify employees when their visitors arrive

·       Bar and QR code printing

·       Create custom, color badges with your logo and Branding


Guest and Visitor Management

What Is a Visitor Management System?

ROOM MANAGER helps manage the flow of visitors into a company’s facilities or other locations. As visitors arrive, they can use a self-register for a meeting or event. Visitor identification, such as a photo ID or business card, can also be scanned and checked against a watch list to increase security.

Additionally, the check out of visitors is handled by a visitor management system. Guests can in most cases easily checkout, by presenting the barcode, to the scanner.

In most cases, visitors who are already expected for a certain meeting want to check in by using a kiosk or any screen showing the expected visitors in a list, with event details and the host, as the organizer of the event.

Once the system clears a person for entry, they can print a customized name visitor badge with photo and a barcode that will allow them access to any area the company determines.

The system can also notify an employee that their guest has arrived and offer the guest directions to a meeting room or display a directory.

First Impressions Matter

Meet your guest’s expectations and impress visitors with an easy-to-use check-in and visitor management system.

Visitors can be added directly from Outlook and sent maps, directions, in advance. Staff will be automatically notified of their arrival. All check-ins are stored on Room Manager visitor management portal.

Security notification, name tag printing, and follow-up can all be automated, freeing up time to focus on your guests.



•         Complete Outlook integration

•         Invite your visitors directly from Outlook

•         Add visitors to the guest list from Outlook

•         Prepare for today’s visitors using the front desk tool

•         Prints guest badges and get access to the security report

•         Send maps, instructions, and reminders automatically

•         VMS users can enable pre-registration, which emails guests ahead of their visit.

•         These emails can include dates, times, directions, parking information, and other details that help visitors get to their meetings quickly.

•         Notifications about the arrival of the guest or visitor to the host are sent

Outlook Add-In

Quickly and easily schedule conference rooms, equipment, caterings, and any kind of resources in Microsoft Outlook with Room Manager’s unmatched Microsoft Outlook Add-In integration.


  • Support for Outlook Desktop Version
  • Support for Outlook Pro Plus
  • Support for Outlook Calendar Office 365
  • Centralized Deployment of the Add-In trough Office 365 Admin Center
  • User can add and remove the Office Add-In themself directly in Outlook
  • Pricing by the number of users
Room Manager Outlook Add In
Outlook Add-In Room manager

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