Room Manager SharePoint Solution

RoomManager Enterprise Meeting & Conference Room Management System

More than a meeting room booking system, Room Manager incorporates visitor, catering, equipment management & workplace booking software for a more efficient office. Try Room Manager for Office 365.

All resources like rooms, catering, equipment, cars, etc are managed under the site contens of your SharePoint Site.

The solution file is uploaded once and activated. You can create the Room manager site by using the Room Manager Site Template.

SharePoint on Premise 2013/2016 or Office 365 (with SharePoint Online)

Site Collection Admins can easily administrator the site and all the content.


Conference Room Displays



Outlook Add In for Room Manager

The Outlook-Add-In is an separate module which can be installed on your outlook clients. The Outlook Add In allows you to send a Outlook Meeting Request and to make the booking reservation, with equipment, catering, and all other available ressources directly from Outlook.

An Outlook Meeting request is send to all attendees. The Outlook Add In talks to the room manager site by a “web service”.

So it is very easy and convenient for your users to have the same booking experience from Outlook. All the meeting reservation details, like the reserved room, equipment, catering, parking, etc are saved/synchronized with the ROOM MANAGER Web site.

Outlook Add In

Conference Room Displays

Wall-mounted iPads or Android tablets and devices are a convenient way to display meeting Information.

See upcoming meeting details, like the event name and scheduled run time. Delete or add meetings right from the display. There’s even a room release function that automatically cancels meetings, extend meeting and book instant meetings when the room is free.

A few minutes prior to the start of the event, Room Manager will display a check-in screen asking someone in the meeting to confirm the booking. If no one checks in, the reservation is automatically removed so that others can utilize the space.

Visitor Registration App

Room Manager Visitor Registration App is part of the Room Manager for Office365 Solution provided by ACAR Switzerland.

Visitor Registration App is an innovative tablet-based visitor management software and check-in platform that does much more than a sign-in book at your reception area.

Visitor Registration App tracks every visitor at your facility and allows you to easily retrieve your visitor data as well as export it for further analysis. All visitor information is stored on the Room Manager Site and stored in a visitor list with all the event details.

The Visitor Management system maximizes your front desk’s efficiency by allowing the receptionist to work on other important projects while your visitors sign themselves in and out.

Visitor Registration App is build with the latest Microsoft PowerApps Technologie. It can be used with any iOS, Android Devices or Windows Phone based device.

Visitor Registration

Car Manager for SharePoint / Office 365

With the CAR MANAGER solution you manage all your cars/vehicles in different locations cross sites, to eliminate conflicts and double bookings.

As with all resource types that can be booked using ROOM MANAGER, available cars and parking spaces can be viewed quickly and filtered easily using keywords and book if available.

Enterprise keywords are used to categories cars; like VIP, ECONOMY, AC, BUSINESS, FAMILY, 4 SEATS, AIRBAG, ect. these are some keywords you can use to categorize and tag your single cars, or the entire fleet. This helps later to narrow down and filter your search to find the right car.

  • Invoicing
  • Double booking checking
  • Check In
  • Check out
  • Add custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer, or MS Flow
  • Custom forms
  • Custom fields can be added
  • PowerApps for mobile access to book the car, checkin and check out the car
  • Report back any issues or problems with the car
  • Ask for driver license and acceptance of usage policy
  • Update the car list easily with SharePoint list
  • Generate custom reports, personal views
  • Enable content approval and serial and parallel approval workflows

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